Nords Invade Swadia
King summons all banners to defend the nation

The Nords have invaded Swadia and His Royal Highness has summoned all his forces to defend the nation and repel the invaders. Reports are coming in that huge armies are making their way through the pass at Jelbegi. Meanwhile, hundreds of refugees have been making the arduous trip to safety following attacks on local villages.

The King has called for all available units to assist.

That's where you come in....

NordInvasion is a mod for the popular TaleWorlds game, Mount & Blade: Warband and it sees you take up arms with players from around the world in a bid to fight off wave after wave of the Nord armies as they seek to destroy Swadia.

With a huge environment of maps and persistent characters, NordInvasion is one of the largest and most popular mods available for Warband and continues to grow with an active team of developers regularly adding content and features.

Some of the biggest features for NordInvasion include:

  • Persistent characters that update in real-time.
  • Over 30 brand new maps to explore featuring multiple locations and weather conditions.
  • In-depth class and skill systems allowing you to create characters best suited to your play style.
  • Unlimited characters per account.
  • Quests to complete for rare rewards & the King's favour.
  • Detailed crafting system with multiple career paths.
  • Great cooperative battles to defend the realm of Swadia.
  • Houses enable clans to band together for Swadia whilst proving they are the supreme house.
  • Don't like the current defenses? Build your own with deployable barricades.
  • Huge tournaments featuring individual tests, one on one challenges and huge house battles.
  • And so much more including explosives, health kits, Gods, cavalry...

To sign up and join the fight, register here!

Swadian Stats

Soldiers in the army
Soldiers on the battlefield
Nords slain
Quests completed
Experience earned