Our current release is version: 1.11.8

Recommended: NI Launcher

This app will update your copy of the NordInvasion mod by downloading only the files that have changed. It is hugely faster for updating an existing installation and does error checking to ensure your copy of NI is exactly as it should be.

To install, run the launcher installer from anywhere and follow the prompts.

When you first run the launcher, you might run into the following warnings. Click "More info" and "Run anyway".

Compatible with: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10.

Classic: Archive

The zip file contains the complete NordInvasion mod. You will need to download the entire archive for every release and replace the existing version.

You will need to manually check for updates regularly as outdated installs will not be able to communicate with the NI servers.

New to NordInvasion?

  1. Install the mod using your prefered method above
  2. Join any verified server running NordInvasion and you will see a activation code generated for you. Note it down and visit where you can follow the steps to activate your account.