Getting support with NordInvasion


There a number of ways to get support with NordInvasion. First of these is the forum which has help boards, advice sections, bug reports and is the general goto for most issues.


Discord like IRC provides a live chat for other players including admins and developers. There are usually people online who can help. If you have a pressing issue such as players abusing the game of other players then this is your first goto. Do be aware that players may also be playing the game and take some time to respond.

Discord can be accessed using the web client located here NordInvasion Discord.
Once you have joined up and connected you can then get the Discord Client which is available on multiple devices (Windows, Mac, iOS and Android).


Contact one of our admins to resolve in-game issues such as AFK players, glitchers, etc.

If you wish to join the admin team, please see our recruitment topic.
Contact The Irish Eagle for issues relating to avatar abuse, forum trouble, or questions about adminship.