Servers don't grow on trees, otherwise we would have an entire server farm powering NordInvasion. The current server costs come directly from our own pockets, and with the ever increasing player base its becoming more and more expensive to run!

We are asking you the community to help contribute to this rising cost, but not for nothing! We want to reward you with awesome perks for showing your dedication to this mod. See the list below of rewards you can get for donating!*

Europe and North America



(via Alien-Hosting public pay)


Send an email to to the contact for the region you donated to with your PayPal confirmation number as well as your forum name and one of your character's IDs so we can assign your donator status!

€5 or more

  • Exclusive VIP Forum membership including:
    • Member of Donators Group
    • Donators Badge
    • Access to the donators board
  • The ability to respec your character for free once every month.
  • Ten free 'character hiding' credits to clean up your character list.

€25 or more

  • Everything before this and...
  • Become a Quest Giver
    • Create you own epic quest for other players to complete! Write a short story line and decide the goal of your quest.**

€50 or more

  • Everything before this and...
  • Design an enemy
    • Design the looks and power of a new enemy in Nord Invasion and watch as he wrecks havoc on your fellow players.**



* Please note, donating is not required nor will it ever be. It is simply for fans to show their appreciation of the mod by helping us pay for the rising server costs.

** The NordInvasion team reserves the right to final decision of what is used in the mod. Requests must fit the theme of the mod.

If you feel uncomfortable donating or are concerned about the legitimacy of supporting this mod, please contact us or refrain from donating. No-one is required to donate, and this will not effect your game standing.

By donating you are accepting that there are no refunds under any circumstances.